A Country EMS in The Big City

Last night I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity by Baltimore City FD to ride-along with one of their EMS crews as part of the EMS Today 2012 conference.† My desire was to learn some of the many differences between their service and the more rural EMS service back home.† While there clearly were definite differences, the thing that struck me more than anything else was actually how similar we all are, not how different.

I anticipated the promise that each tone held to expose me to some uniquely urban situation.† And while the individuals I met were clearly unique, the choreography between us all was mostly a repeat.† This is exactly how we are trained in EMS.† We take whatever situation is given to us and we bring a defined order to the chaos.† We seek sameness in purpose and outcome.† The empathy I felt for the apparently homeless patient with the self-induced alteration in LOC and the young woman facing a possible miscarriage was no different here than anywhere.† I simply wanted to help.† The public attitude toward EMS leading to abuse of the system and the painful inefficiencies it causes was also no surprise.† We face the same issues everywhere even if the proportions change.

It was witnessing the banter between calls that told me I wasnít back home.† The teams and even the sports were different, the union issues too.† But then then there was the discussion of changes in protocols, the latest findings in medicine, the issues faced in home life.† Maybe I am not so far from home after all.

At this conference I have already met medics from truly rural areas as far apart as Georgia and Alaska.† Iíve met some who work for private agencies and others who come from city or county services.† It is a commonality that brings us together and that allows us to discuss and learn from each other about our unique situations and approaches.† The pre-conference session I attended yesterday has also helped me think about operational questions I had never considered before.† Personally, I am definitely ready to start this conference today with a proper perspective.

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Eric Wanta
System Status Management (SSM)
You don't see police chiefs posting police officers on street corners, or fire chiefs predicting the next fire and sending their fire apparatus hours in advance. I know of no EMS agency that can consistently meet a response time of less than 5 minutes (Pell et. all, 2001). If you would like me to risk…
2014-12-24 06:50:30
Jim Burns
11 of the Top 10 Tips for High Performing EMS
Truth be told, there is nothing as valuable as a competent, trustworthy workforce. I agree with several of the comments made regarding not appreciating your staff. They carry all the weight anyway. Management loses their skills and then they lose touch altogether. Plain to see
2014-12-23 17:37:36
11 of the Top 10 Tips for High Performing EMS
As already mentioned if you see your employees as drones than the success is a moot point. I agree with all of the factors ,but add number 12 hire good fit effective staff . Thinking proactive and enrich them with your goals and expectations and treat them well,don't be good to them to there face…
2014-12-23 09:23:25
MIke Cole
11 of the Top 10 Tips for High Performing EMS
Excellent article. EMS will be as good as the workforce that deliveries services. A suggestion for the first point would be human capital development to support the workforce. High performance begins with the properly supported, developed, and credentialed workforce.
2014-12-23 06:04:10
James Hawkins
11 of the Top 10 Tips for High Performing EMS
real waste of time reading. How can you expet economic efficientcy AND talk about communitymedicine like it's a real working thing??? The only thing "lean" in our system is our budgets. No budgets=no safety equipment.
2014-12-22 22:39:19

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