What is CAEMS and Why Should I Care?

Two weeks ago, we started a Community of Practice to discuss EMS Deployment. The larger issue of deploying resources is all about efficiency and effectiveness in care, those are also the aims of any High Performance EMS group. However, that message is too often confused with meaning simply “better, faster, cheaper”, when in practice it must be rooted in “doing what is best for the patient” in order to be anything of lasting value.

In the following episode of ‘Word on the Street’, an EMSWorld podcast hosted by Rob Lawrence, representatives of the Coalition of Advanced Emergency Medical Systems (CAEMS) chat about the professional association and exactly what makes EMS systems “high-performance.” Give it a listen (or even download it) here: http://www.emsworld.com/podcast/11327832/word-on-the-street-coalition-of-advanced-emergency-medical-systems.


  • Rob Lawrence says:

    Also catch the CAEMS panel at EMS Today in Feb 2015 also. Will have a few too name lined up for the panel.

  • Thanks to HPEMS and Rob Lawrence for starting to tell the story of the best-kept secret in EMS. The members of CAEMS represent the highest performing EMS systems in the country (clinical sophistication, operational effectiveness and fiscal efficiency) and serve as a model for EMS system design.

    Please contact either Rob or me if you’d like a copy of the most recent CAEMS Benchmarking Survey to see how your agency measures up!


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