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Black Friday Sales for EMS

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You never hear a paramedic yell “yeah, its a holiday weekend!” Holidays simply don’t have the same meaning to the people who work in EMS than they do to the rest of humanity. But, hey, we are human too. To paraphrase Shakespeare in Act 3 of The ‘Medic’ of Venice, “if you lacerate us, do we not […]

On the Shoulders of Giants

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As we go about our routine business each shift, it can be easy to forget that we are involved in a field of healthcare that is still relatively young. Our history as a unique discipline has only recently been documented through the efforts of  the National EMS Museum, which is itself just in its infancy. […]

EMS as the Halloween of Healthcare

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Just as each year transitions at harvest from abundance toward its inevitable end, we in the prehospital field often usher lives fraught with medical disorder or trauma from normalcy toward a cold, strange world. We wear uniforms with our stoic masks and find nature’s trickery affecting strangers who beg us for treatment. Beyond the surface, the history of Halloween also […]