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Intolerance is Not a Black and White Issue

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Of course “Black Lives Matter.” Just like white ones, red ones, blue ones, and every other color that we place as a ‘label’ on a life. All. Lives. Matter. But that isn’t the end of the story. Martin Luther King, Jr’s vision was not just about ending racism, but about stopping every form of intolerance […]

EMSToday Earlybird Winner

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Planning ahead pays off. At least it did for Christopher Clarkin of OMFD! He didn’t win the billion dollar lottery, but having a brand new iPad Mini for the EMS Today conference in Baltimore later next month is pretty sweet. Christopher registered during December for the conference using the promo code HPEMS which earned him $100 off […]

Improving EMS Clinical Preceptorships

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A guest article by Caitlyn Armistead Clinicals are a critical component of EMS education. These dynamic educational environments can be complicated to manage in order to ensure a complete education for each student. Consider these points as you structure your program and develop guidelines for the coming year. 1) Support Strong Mentorships Formal preceptorship relationships […]