Favorite Blogs

I know some of these bloggers are affiliated with different networks, or maybe none at all, but they are still the folks I look to for EMS news and opinion (in no particular order.)  Visit them regularly.

EMS Office Hours (podcast)

Everyday EMS Tips


EMS Patient Perspective

The Unwired Medic

Ambulance Junkie

Rogue Medic

The EMT Spot

The Social Medic

Paramedic Mastery

EMS 12-Lead

Rescuing Providence

Rescue Digest


 A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver

 Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire

Medic 22

ChiComm Blog (911)

Kane MacKay Blog (911)

Looking Through A Pair Of Pink Handled Trauma Shears

I Drive the Taxi (Ambulance Forum)

Emergency Medicine Literature of Note

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