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EMS as the Halloween of Healthcare

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Just as each year transitions at harvest from abundance toward its inevitable end, we in the prehospital field often usher lives fraught with medical disorder or trauma from normalcy toward a cold, strange world. We wear uniforms with our stoic masks and find nature’s trickery affecting strangers who beg us for treatment. Beyond the surface, the history of Halloween also […]

Looking Back to See Ahead: 2014 in Review

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The end of the year is a great time to take stock in what has already passed and to make plans for the future. The vision I had when I started this blog four years ago was summarized in my first blog post, Hello World. Welcome to HP_EMS!  I’m glad to say that today, while many other […]

Is Our Success Killing Us?

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It seems that the “evidence-based” trend in EMS requires that being “progressive” means we lay in wait for some “proof” in order to jump on a previously long held belief so we can debunk it as some old “wive’s tale.”